Horeca Food Convention AD/ Flyer/ Booth
Box-to-go Social Media Campaign
Box-to-go UK Launching Campaign AD
New Pizza Hut World Cup Box
Box-to-go Takeaway Packaging Solutions
Coolbox branding and presentation
Houston Global Health Conference Communications
Indevco Paper Containers Rebranding
Unipak Corporate presentation/ Company profile
Unipak internal communications
Gemini's Catering Services Rebranding
Beer Box Branding/ Label Design/ Magazine Ad
Unipak Packaging internal communications
Moroccan Dates
Pepsi Max French Pizza Box/ Football Season
GLC paints new packaging
Breakfast Package
Christmas cards : Indevco packaging company
Recycling / Waste Management bin Concept
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Rebranding
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance APP
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Newsletter Redesign
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Brochure
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Website
The Fem Museum
The Fem Museum Posters
^ poster
Burlesque in NY Book
Burlesque Motion Piece
Viki- Furniture design
Empathy App
Empathy website: Ripple
My/Her/Our Journey Poster
My/ Her/ Our Journey Book
Battle of Tabbouleh Poster
Soap Box Design
A Snacking Package Design
Tribute to David Carson
Pow - Snowboarding Magazine
Book on the works of Reza Abedini
Typography Explorations
Romance Me- an urban legend
Wine Label Design
Raw Intervention
Art Newspaper
Intervention on a non-snowy day
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