Design process- Custom according to client's wants
Chair- multiple chair designs
Table- multiple table designs
Clock- promotional item
Accessory rails 
VIKI is a furniture design project based on the concept of obtaining infinite designs through a modular shape.
By means of simple repurposing, restyling, and repair, VIKI’s modular design eliminates the need for millions of tons of furniture waste. With the upscale quality of victorian wood, the modular units can be used and re-used to create an endless combination of living spaces, with a variety of colors, finishes, and material options to choose from (all 100% recyclable) This design is built to suit, with a touch of quality, design and taste.
A cube is nothing more than four pieces of victorian wood, with veneer applied to conceal the wood in some modules,  giving it color or texture. You join the units with prebuilt wood screws already built in the modules. For costume, bigger furniture, finishing metal screws are applied to hold bigger heavier weight. 
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