Empathy App

This app is for the human being in us, like you and me, either George or Julie or Karen or mark or Natalie. No matter his/ her age, sex, culture, religion, ethnicity, or race, my human has a feeling today which is universal and shared by every human being on this planet. We all feel like we are alone, in our own world, our problems, our minds, but we share common experiences more than we’d like to admit and often forget. With that, we are drifting away from communicating these emotions. We find it harder everyday to communicate with our family, friends, spouse, child… and that is the source of most problems: communication. My app helps people, by a simple fill in the blanks, to talk about their feelings. Others will see it and try to help because either they already went through it and learned from it, or they feel empathetic towards it and want to help. This creates a community of people who are more aware of each other’s feelings, give a medium to make people more comfortable to communicate and help in solving their problems.

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