Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Rebranding

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is an alliance of over 700 organizations with ties to our regional waterways. They are working to transform the waters of New York and New Jersey Harbor into clean and accessible places to learn, work and play, with inviting parks, dependable jobs and reliable, eco-friendly transportation for all. Because the organizarion is expanding and creating great events and projects in the city, they decided to rebrand themselves and create awarness about their work. The challenge is to redesign their brand identity, create conceptual solutions that impart the mission and vision of the MWA and create effective ads that not only makes people aware of their existence, but also change their habits to include the waterfront in their activity choices. The project – a brand identity and design system for the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA) will be used as a case study topic, a semester long project in Professor Alisa Zamir’s Graduate Visual Communications Design class at Pratt Institute where I am a TA and active student in.

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